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Updated: May 5, 2021

Did you know that you can navigate your way home through stars??

It's kinda strange though, isn't it? I was also confused by the fact that we can navigate through stars. It is a very efficient way to navigate.

Let's create a little real-life scenario to understand much better.

you are camping in the hills with your friends/family, It's night and you decide to go for a little walk in the woods but while on your way back to the camp, you forgot that which is north, which is south, which is west or east? on the way home, the VPN service is bad there. you need a GPS to know the directions, guess what? stars gotcha covered. Just so you know, it's quite easy, it's not that hard.

1: By the north star.

Now, let's say the first direction you need to find is the north, and the north star/Polaris is the best way to find the north direction. The north star is very essential for natural navigation is that it sits towards the north pole. The constellation, CASSIOPEIA, and THE BIG DIPPER ( images down below for reference ) Are very helpful in finding the north star as the big dipper directly points towards the north star and Cassiopeia as it will always be on the opposite side of the north star.

2: By the Orion's belt

Now, all of us must've heard of this very famous constellation, THE ORION. another name for this constellation is the hunter but I like to call it "the dancing dude" cuz it seems like a dancing figure than a hunter to, The Orion rises in the east and sets in the west. Orion's belt, the three bright stars that form a bright short line in the whole night sky. If you want to be really accurate then, the first star in the belt to rise and set called Mintaka will always rise and set one degree of the true west and east. ( uploading an image below for reference and location of Mintaka )

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